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Friday, November 18, 2005


Oh, my gosh, I have found the BEST MONOLOGUE EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got it from

You HAVE to go check it out, it is the COOLEST thisng ever, you guys will LOVE it.

and now for a bit of wisdom that goes with it:

"She turned me into a neut!"

"A neut?"

"I got better......"


(you go and visit the website and come back here)

Make sure you visit the above website before you visit this part. Seriously, it's the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, seriously, I know have in my posession, the FULL SCRIPT to MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. And you, too, can get it, if you go to said website.

We need to perform it as a play. Or something.



more l8er,

~teen knitter~

PS: email me about what you think about this.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Hey, just a quick post to say I'm not grounded anymore. To all my Friends in Hamlet at WHS: hoping to see the show this week!!!

Over my [grounded] weeklend I completed a really simpe roll brim baby hat. I will post a picture of it on here eventually.....and I will bring it to school on wednes day (because I have knitting club) and I am starting ANOTHER adition to that hat I have my Tank Top to work on and a much knitting to do, so little time to do is in!!!! I better go get started on my homework noW!!!!!

more later,

~teen knitter~

Thursday, November 10, 2005


So I am grounded. Anyone who is rading this who did not talk to me today at school, yes my 'Rents grounded me. Over ONE LITTLE CHEMISTRY ASSIGNMENT, no less.

Actually, my 'Rents don't call it that. My Dad was just like, "You can't go anywhere this weekend," and I was like, "Oh, that sucks."

But it is not actually that bad, because as you can see I have full access to the computer.

Anyway, what is with so many Celeb couples braking up latley? I heard Brittney and Kevin broke up, because he partied too much.


In other news.....

My Mom found this neat website with freeform knitting and crocheting. Check it out @ Be sure to look at "what is freeform".

Sigh. Right now I really really want to live in a city where I can take the subway to.............................................a yarn shop............................ sigh. For the most part, I like living in the boonies. But richt now I REALLY REALLY want to live in a city. Like New York or Chicago

And maybe I will, someday.

More later,

~teen knitter~

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Favorites

Being that I am home on a saturday night with my little brother, while my parents throw an island themed dinner with their friends, I have decieded to post some of my Favorites.

Favorite book: Up until a few months ago my favorite book was The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot (STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES!!!!!!!! I DON'T ROLL MY EYES AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!) but then for a while I thought it was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, by Ann Brashares, but now I think it is a book I got less than a week ago called Chicks with Sticks By Elizabeth Lenhard. (Note: there wasen't any underline on this blog thing, otherwise I would have underlined the books. I'm not sure if italicizing was the right thing to do, but whatever.)

Favorite food: Why do most people always put "pizza" for favorite food? I mean, sure, I like pizza, but come on. Don't you prefer dessert? My favorite food is Gelato, which I have only had once, and that was when I went to Washington DC several years ago. Although there is a place that has gelato over at Bridgeport Village, so maybe I should go over there.

Favorite Movie:

I have three:

~The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Come on, not only does it have some very good looking guys in it, it has some WONDERFUL shots of Greace, adn it makes me TOTALLY want to go there.

~Dirty Dancing (1987)
I like this one way mote than the new one because the dancing is fancier. Like the part where she's doing that lift with him? Also, Patrick Swayze is HOTTER than the guy in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

~Miss Congeniality
This is SO a feminist movie. I LOVE it, even if the sequal is kinda dumb. Remember: SING:
Solar Plexis

Favorite TV Show: Most of you know that it is VERONICA MARS!!!!!! Watch it a 9:pm wednesdays on UPN. Teddy Dunn.......not to mention that guy who works at the Sheriffs' office.........okay, it IS soapy, but it's nice to watch someone who has more problems than I do.

Favorite Color: Purple

Hobbies: reading, knitting, biking and sewing

And now I am going to go find a pattern for......something.........

More Later.


Thursday, November 03, 2005


I have a blog!!! I love reading other people's blogs - My fave is Meg Cabots', but I also enjoy Elizabeth Lenhards', and now I FINALLY have my OWN blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm totally excited. I have a three day weekend ahead of me and I am SO GLAD!!!!!!! because all of my friends and I have been coing up till now on two day weekends. Let me tell you, it is NOT fun.

But thats only because our STUPID, SPORTS OBSESSED school had to delay the first day, because of STUPID construction.(by the way, if any of the administration at WHS is reading this, remember: FREEDOM OF SPEACH!!!) I guess it's a good thing if it means we get rid of the mods, but HONESTLY. The hall my locker{is on} that I had to get specially, well, they just made the hall smaller, so when I go to my locker - primarilly at lunch and after school, I get people bumping me in the backpack. So fun.


Anyway, besides the all that, my life is pretty groovy right now. Later I wll post my faves, so those who don't know me........well, what ever.

So, yeah, I ahve cought up with the latest web trend!!!!

more later.


PS: As of the day after I posted this I went back and edited it, just for YOU! And you know who you are................