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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I FINALLY figured out how to put picture on this blog. It only took me, oh, AN EON AND A HALF!!!!! So, just for your enjoyment, here we go.

Ok, I admit I didn't knit this stuff. But untill I take picture of the stuff I HAVE knitted, be happy with what ya got.

I'll be back later tu talk more about my pin collection, but until then, go check out the spring issue of Knitty!


~Teen Knitter~

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My pins, Part 1

I have a mavolusly wonderful collection of pins.

If I do say so myself.

There's my shrunken Lay's Potato chip bag. Seriously! You can, like put bags from chips in the oven and shrink them! I don't know exactly how, so if you want to know, go Google it.

There's my s'mores pin. It is a smore made out of craft foam and a cotton ball.

There's my (large) bumble bee pin. It is made out of a upside down film canister with a yellow pom-pom head, yeallow craft foam wings and stripes, and a pipe cleaner antenae.

There's my hula girl pin. The hula girl is made out if a wooden ice cream spoon with a grass skirt and an orange braid across the top of her head. I didn't used to think she was cute, but she is.

There's my cup o' cocoa pin. This is mad out of a film canister with the top cut off. It had a pipe cleaner handle, craft foam cocoa, and white bead mini marshmellows.

Now I have things to do. More on my pin collection l8er.

Teen knitter