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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Growing up

Geez. A SENIOR next year. It's seems hard to believe that this part of my life is nearly over. As in the requiered-by-law school, and the living-at-home part. This has been my life for so many years, how could it be almost over already?

However, since I want to be a teacher, I'll NEVER really be done with the whole school routine. But I kinda like having 2 and a half months off for the's nice to be able to chill.

Or it will be, when I'm out of school and (hopefully) don't work a summer job anymore.

But, speaking of growing up, I was over in Elizabeth Lenard's blog - y'know, the author of the Chicks With Sticks books? I looked at the cover for #3...and wow, Amanda looks so grown up!!!!!!!

I've gone through High school with these girls, and I fully intend to buy the third obe when it comes out...then I'll have a complete set.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

last day of school

hey!!! today was my last day of school (fiiiinally).....which means......

that I am a Senior!!!!!

Tommarow I start work!!!!! **gags**

[for those of you who don't know, sr in high school].

Monday, June 18, 2007


Hey! Guess who got her driver's license today!!! yup, that'd be me!!! And I have as summer job - I'll be working at my local Target this summer!!!

Right now I have only two (2!!!) days of school left...two finals left...spanish and physics. I will be SO GLAD to be done with both of those classes!!!

So I start work on thursday, and my Grandparents are comming to visit. yay!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


When it rains it pours.

Currently, the speakers on this computer (my mom's computer) are dead/broken/worn out or maybe all of the above. The point is, they don't work.

And the printer we bought JUST OVER TWO YEARS AGO will not print color. It needs a new printer head (what my mom thinks, anyway). And right now it's out of black ink, but my mom won't put in another cartridge (hahaha, wait till I have a school project - this could be soon with the end of the year & all).

But really, I can only do silent, nonprinting things right now. I wish I had my own computer.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Red letter day

Today was a great day.

In English this morning we finished "reading the film" Citizen Kane, which is based on the life of William Randolf Hearst (y'know, Hearst Magazines or what and San Simeon down in CA?) Anyway, I really liked the film.

Then in spanish we did our presentation where we had to create a college and ours was in Venice, which was, of course, cool, and we got to skip the 2nd half and go help with the "campus cleanup" (graduation's friday). From helping with that I got free lunch.

And in Band we went over to the elememtry school next door to play for all the little kids.

Then later, my friends and I had our Dornbecker(becuase every spring we have a huge fundraiser for the children's hospital, which include a series of student vs. staff bb games) which we won 14-10 and I made a basket (!).

All in all, a good day.