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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hats! And making knitting needles!

So I'd been wating to make myself a hat, and not on my Knifty Knitter, either. I wanted to hand knit this had, because I hadn't hand-knit a hat for me, only baby hats.

So I decided I wanted to knot this really cool hat that's in Stich 'n Bitch that has sequins in it. Like, before you start knitting you have to put the sequins on the yarn, and keep pushing them down the yarn until you need them.

One problem, however. While My Mom and I do, In fact, have MANY, MAny pairs of strait needles, we have few circular. Especially no circular #11s, like I needed.

My mother told me to do it on stright needles, but part of the fun of knitting hats, I believe, is knitting them on circular needles.

Anyway, I didn't get very far on that hat, cause I relized that sequins of may colors looked dork and childish. So I'm going to get some sequins that are all one colr, eventually.

In the mean time I went through all the knittin needles my Mom and I own, and we have, like, six pairs of size 5s. Yeah. I would like to give them to people, but my Mom's like no, lets keep them, for no apparent reason. Anyway, long story short, because my Mother is a metal smith, we took some of the aluminum needles and cut them in half and and my mom made it so that the ends that wern't pointy before are now, and I have some size seven double pointed needles and I'm working on a kittiy hat.

And now my brother wants the computer.


~teen knitter~

Monday, January 23, 2006


I see not reason to think of a title (well then again maybee I do) but I DO NOT want to be studying for finals this week. I know a should be, but I am just too lazy.

I really would rather be at my LYS*, working on one of my many UFOs.

sadely, I have to take STUPID FINALS with NO OBVOUS POINT, insted of knitting.

Honestly, I don't think it will mater if I can factor whatever or know the cahrge of clorine. I DON'T CARE, GOT IT?

~teen Knitter~
*LYS = local yarn store, UFOs= unfinished projects.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My latest project and a PATTERN

Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a good new year. I have done A LOT of knitting, and I have created an AWESOME tote, which I would put a picture of on here, but A) I don't have a (working-with-more than-two-megapixals) digital camera and B) I don't know how to post pics on here. If you know me, you've seen/will see this bag with me at school.


I made this bag after looking at all the bags in "Stich 'n Bitch: The Knitter's hand book" By Debbie Stoller. If your a fast knitter and you work on it it knits up in about 4 days.

40z Worsted weight yarn (Like red heart....dosn't matter if it's acrilic or not)
Size 5 Knitting needles
1/4 yard fabric to line bag with (I used fabric printed with cherries....part of the name)
yarn needle
Embrordary floss & needle (optional)

Cast on 50 stictches. Work 24-26 inches in Stockinette Stich. Bind off.
For Handles, cast on 20 stiches, knit in Stockinette Stich for 20 inches (make 2).

Embrorder, if desired (I embrorded a pair of cherries on my bag).

Assembly: For the 12 by 24-26" piece, fold in half right sides together & whip edges togther. Turn right side out. For lining, cut a piece 12" by 24-26" (depending on length). Fold with right sides together and sew. Whip stich lining into bag (if you're lazy, tack it). For straps, fold right side together and sew. Turn right side out and attach to bag.


My cat and my knitting teedles are calling me, so ta-ta for now!

~teen knitter~