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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Popcicle Gang

So yesterday my friends and I (or rather, SOME of my friends and I) went to the Mall. And we walked in and the second thing I saw (the first being the black and white picutres of hot shirtless guys hung up in the abacrombie window), was the Gap.

Do you like Gap? I have gotten a lot of clothes there up until rcently when the girs sizes were too juvinille (not too small, too juvinille) and the womens sizes are still too big.

So andyway, my friends and I walk in there, and we start looking as stuff and going " oh, I like that," or "Oh, that's a weird color," when we got to the clearence section and saw them:

Sweaters for $1.97 a piece.

Yes!! I know!!! perfect for frugal people like ourselves!! We all decided to get one, and after we came out of Gap, we would go in the Ladies' room and put them on.

So, we got the sweaters and the went into American Eagle (where we considered getting underware, but decided not to).

After a while we saw the bathrooms, so we went in there and put on our sweaters. When we came out, a lot of people stared at us. A couple asked if we were sisters, and we explained the $1.97 bargien. One of my friends caught someone taking a picure of us (from BEHIND!!!).

We also decided, to bother our no-gang-enforing Vice Principal, we should become......

The Popcicle Gang!!!

(hahahaha, we laugh in his face......hahahahahahA!!!!)


Anyway...more on the POPCICLE GANG l8r!

~*teen Knitter*~


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