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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Growing up

Geez. A SENIOR next year. It's seems hard to believe that this part of my life is nearly over. As in the requiered-by-law school, and the living-at-home part. This has been my life for so many years, how could it be almost over already?

However, since I want to be a teacher, I'll NEVER really be done with the whole school routine. But I kinda like having 2 and a half months off for the's nice to be able to chill.

Or it will be, when I'm out of school and (hopefully) don't work a summer job anymore.

But, speaking of growing up, I was over in Elizabeth Lenard's blog - y'know, the author of the Chicks With Sticks books? I looked at the cover for #3...and wow, Amanda looks so grown up!!!!!!!

I've gone through High school with these girls, and I fully intend to buy the third obe when it comes out...then I'll have a complete set.


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